Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Band Photos

Here are some pics of a great day and fun photoshoot with the live band Funkalized! For those members that were there it was a fun experience and some great shots were taken! Keep posted to see more photos from all the band!

Beginning of a New Era

It is very nearly upon us.The new and exciting Funky Junkie evening is almost here!! We funksters are building together an awesome group of artists from all over the world and all walks of life. Musicians, Artists, whatever you want to call us....we are all rallying together to bring you the most fun-filled, exciting evening Amsterdam will have to offer. Keep your eyes and ears posted for more info coming!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's a couple of videos from our band Funkalized!

Fusing together organic rhythms and melodies with electronic beats and effects, Funkalized! is a musical melting pot of extraordinary variety. Comprised of an international cast spanning 5 continents, Funkalized! draws from its cosmopolitan roots and draws in listeners with its Neo World music sound. Thumping beat production lays a groove under the bands soulful and sultry dual vocalists and is seasoned by its 7 piece rhythm section, including Bass, dual Saxophones, Electric Violin, Keyboard, Latin percussion and Drummer. The sound traverses back and forth from Funk to Acid Jazz to Drum and Bass, stopping to jam in a few genres in between along the way.

some video's from over the last 5 years uploaded by the fans

As you can see, there have been many fun parties over the years with talented musicians and artists from all over the world performing and adding their creative spirit to Funky Junkie! Here are just a few memories from the Good Ol Days and till present. 

Welcome to Funky Junkie

Funky Junkie started five years ago in Amsterdam. It began with a group of musicians and artists brought together by DJ Koldun (Lionstyle) to create an evening dedicated to the Funk/Hip Hop lifestyle. Bringing live musicians together from MCs to Saxophone to Keyboards, Electric Violin, singers and much more.
Our first venue was the Winston Kingdom where we were for a couple of years, the 'Early Days'. New and different performances every week meant that there was always a great crowd and good vibes. Different DJs showed off their mixing. As the last hour was always a great Drum and Bass set from Koldun everyone always left on a high and with big grins.